Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bassmaster Southern Open #3

Weather in North Carolina during the 
Oct 2-4 Bassmaster Southern Open event #3 has been unique. A few days of sun, then all day rains, then foggy weather, and back to sunshine. 

Spotted bass are in their transition from summer patterns to fall migration of following the shad back into creeks. A lake turnover has many of the fish in a foul mood, making the fishing tough. Still, I caught a few and enjoy these challenges. 

We were treated to a tour of Michael Waltrip's Racing garage during our pairings meeting. We were shown how the cars are built from the ground up. Really a ton of work to build each quarter million dollar race car. 

Here are the photos of practice over the last four days and Waltrip's garage. I'll be posting daily status updates as the tournament progresses.   

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