Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Information Overload

It has been a while since my last post and I apologize to me followers.  I wrote several blogs but apparently never posted them.  While I continue to pursue my passion of knowledge, I've neglected my goal of sharing what I've learned.  Please accept my apology.

My second Bassmaster Southern Open event on Lake Norman in Charlotte, NC was amazing.  I caught 40-70 spotted bass a day in practice under sunny skies and calm weather.  What a fantastic fishery!  However, the tournament weather was rainy and overcast.  Fish changed and I failed to adapt.  Afterwards I learned the error of my ways.  I learned two valuable lessons that I wish to share:  1) spotted bass are very color-specific depending on the weather conditions,  2) the shakey-head worm is an amazing bait in reservoirs.

I finished just shy of the top-100 in that Southern Open event so I have a lot of work to do for the future.  I wrote a detailed summary and failed to post it but I will send it out as soon as I locate the file.

To get ready for the last Southern Open event on Lewis Smith Lake, AL, I've been working on tackle and techniques.  This is another amazing fishery with spotted bass and largemouth.  The water averages, get this, over 200 feet deep.  One of the clearest fisheries I've ever had the pleasure of fishing!  It is common to be casting a lure to the shoreline while your boat is sitting in over 90 feet of water!  Simply out of this world!

Mark my word, fishing technique, casting accuracy, and efficiency are going to win this upcoming event.The angler who can figure out the right lure/speed combination, be most efficient, and make accurate casts is going to win.  It's just that type of fishery where every ounce counts.

Look for my Smith Lake details very soon.  Thanks for joining me in my fishing adventures...