Monday, March 2, 2015

Alabama River Looks Impressive

The next Bassmaster Southern Open event iis on the Alabama River. An amazingly fertile river system with everything an angler could wish for. 

Located in Montogmery AL this diverse river is a compilation of many miles of water. 

Doing my pre-tournent research I find myself more intimidated by this river system than all the vegetation on Lake Okeechobee. 

Largemouth bass in Florida vegetation I understand, but Alabama spotted bass buffaloed me on Logan Martin in 2013, and will likely challenge me on this next venue. 

The Alabam River has every type of habitat, a wide variety of fish species, and a large list of water types. I don't know where to start. 

My research found that nearly every style of fishing has dominated winning stringers! Topwater, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, Alabama rigs, jigs,worms, Carolina rigs, drop shot, and skakeyheads.

This river is an angler's paradise if you understand it, and can be an ordeal if you miss the mark. Water flows at the whim of electrical power-generation schedules. Going from nearly 20,000 cubic feet per second to zero. Sometimes clear water flows down and sometimes stained. 

With three major systems contributing to the Alabana River, it is hard to research which tributary to watch. The Boulden Dam section of Coosa River, Jordan Dam portion, or Tallapoosa River.  All influence the bite in some form. 

My research also found a more diverse system than I have ever faced. Dams, culverts, ditches, creeks, streams, tributaries, oxbows, and a main river drives the fishery. 

Habitat is equaly complex. Rocks, gravel, sand, standing trees, tree-falls, stumps, vegetation, docks, sea walls, and deep water oasis. 

This system and it habitats are available in clear water, stained water, and muddy water, depending on the section of river. Again, an angler's best dream come true!