Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gaining Knowledge

Science has shown that humans only utilize a small portion of their brain's power. Learning is something that I believe keeps us young, active, and provides personal worth. Everyone learns something every day. I make that bold statement with true convection that you learn even without trying. Read a book, watch TV, or talk to a friend and you will find out something that you did not know the day before.

In the world of tournament bass fishing boat captains need to keep an open mind and learn from their non-boat partners. When a non-boater catches a huge fish during an event it mentally kills us boaters, but I try to overcome my loss by focusing on learning the technique they used. While a tournament is not truly a team event, the day's non-boat partner is still a partner, and I find it easier to welcome them in my boat and share with them my day's plan. I can't remember an event in my 24 years of tournaments where I didn't learn something at the end of the day. Next time you hit the water, do what I do and make learning your goal, not a by-product of your trip.

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JoeZ said...

Nice site Jeff, good luck in this weekend's tournament.