Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pre-tournament Prep

Well, here it is, one day before I need to head out and travel 600 miles to this year's Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Weekend Series Regional Championship.  I've spent the last month studying maps, reviewing aerial photographs, and researching the latest water data. I still find it hard to sleep before an event even after 24 years of amateur-level tournament fishing.  I don't think the insomnia goes away when you become a pro, if anything, it probably gets worse and you learn to keep going on less sleep.

I'm really excited about getting on Lake Seminole and putting in some time on the water. Last week's Bassmaster Open tournament was a tough event and the added fishing pressure of our anglers practicing is only going to make fishing tougher.  Even though flipping was the winning pattern for Trevor Fitzgerald my tournament may just be won with a finesse technique. Either way, I can't wait to get on the lake and try my hand at figuring out the bass.  It seems to me that once an angler catches fish on purpose with a good pattern, they never give up trying, even if they get skunk more days than not. 

This blogging stuff is new to me so I hope I express my thoughts in a way that keeps you interested in returing. I'll try sending updates during my championship if we have cell service in the area.  Many places do not.