Monday, February 25, 2019

Anglers Rarely Tell the Whole Story

Every seasoned angler knows the truth of how they caught their fish, but most hold back a key ingredient in their tales of success.

With GoPro and LIVE tournament videos, the “secrets” are now visible to the angler’s trained eye. 
 Recently, I was able to join the FLW Marshal program near my home on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. I rode with Collegiate Champion Corey Neece on day one. 

Collegiate Pro Corey Neece

My second day angler was FLW Tour Pro David Dudley. David is a seasoned pro who weighed in a 21 pound, 5-bass limit on day one. As his Marshal, I was prepared to gain exclusive knowledge that no one else would know about. I must admit, David Dudley surprised me when he talked directly to his GoPro YouTube followers and explained the “key ingredient” to catching his first bass of the day-two morning. Little did I know, David shares all his practice and tournaments on his YouTube channel. I highly recommend you subscribe to his channel: David Dudley Outdoors Day1 Video
FLW Pro David Dudley
Casting a sinko around in the Kissimmee grass is nothing new to bass anglers, but the “secret” was in his observation and reason for making that rewarding cast. He noticed a single stalk of grass that moved and indicated a fish probably chasing baitfish. He shared his entire thought process on his YouTube summary! Check it out: David Dudley Outdoors Day2

Most of the time fishing success doesn’t come exclusively from the bait used, but more importantly, from the reason it was used or how. For example, David cast his sinko into pad clumps on Kissimmee Chain of Lakes during the FLW Tour event. Something I’ve done many times in my own fishing career. However, due to lack of wind he held the rod high, and used the sag in his line to painstakingly pull the bait slowly through the pads. Something I have never done.
Next time you watch a live tournament event, be sure to look for those “secrets” that anglers rarely share but are visible on video.

Be sure to subscribe to David's Instagram @DavidDudleyFish for up to date "how to" postings.

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Remember, plants are habitat, no matter if they are newly growing or under a plant control program. The hydrilla and pad field where David Dudley caught his 21 pound bag on day one was on a shallow flat of hydrilla that had been treated and was sparse and dying.

Hope you enjoy this short video on the Marshal experience.
Video Short: Marshal experience on Lake Toho 

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