Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BASS and AERF Join Supporting-Forces for Conservation

I was really proud to see #AERF/APMS  donate to #BASSNATION conservation work at the 2014 Bassmaster Classic Conservation Summit. (AERF - Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation, APMS - Aquatic Plant Management Society)

And it was really special to get paired with the recipient, Tony Beck, at my Bassmaster Southern Open on Lake Toho FL just before the Classic!

At the Bassmaster Classic in Alabama,  AERF executive director Carlton Layne and APMS President Mike Netherland presented Tony Beck and the Oconee Bassmasters club with a "happy gilmore" check for one thousand five hundred dollars.

Tony is a good angler and great representative of the Georgia #BASSNATION Conservation! 

Winning the conservation award presented by AERF ( ) is an impressive accomplishment by the Oconee bass club. 

Habitat is the key, and the water willow planting project will provide Georgia with long-term lake restoration and fish habitat for sure! 

In addition to working with lake restoration, I am proud to support our troops who make all our lives free in the USA! The kids of Casselberry FL who founded "Kids In Support of Soldiers" continue to win my heart in their efforts to send actively deployed soldiers a monthly care package. If you are reading this, please, please consider a $10 donation to cover the cost of shipping for one soldier's care package. Donations can also be made through the United Way as KISS is a contributory charity (charity code 4782447).  I know you support our troops, please consider a donation.

Sincerely,  Jeff Holland Fishing

Thank you #bassmaster #AERF #APMS!
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