Sunday, March 2, 2014

Working Through The Kinks

When I prepped my rods for Smith Lake I imaged the different fishing situations I would encounter and tied on lures accordingly. When I arrived, the water was 10 feet higher than the last Southern Open here in the fall of 2012. That through me visually, I did not recognise a lot of areas.

With the water level nearly at full pool, the shorelines I remembered from 2012 are now ten feet under. I fished everything I knew. By 3pm I had not caught a fish, so I cut off all my anticipated lures. Then I tied on lures that I know and have confidence in. 

I started reading the shoreline and fishing more on instinct. I even found three gulls diving on bait that showed me were schoolers had been...waypoint. LOL. 

Being from Florida, deep, clear water lakes can be intimidating. But bass are bass, so don't let a little thing like 100ft of water keep you from fishing that sunken tree you find. 

It's too early to share the baits and techniques I'm using, but I will in the end. I caught one little bass..and I mean little.  
 That fish was key to start my understanding of what the fish wanted. Move around and started catching better fish. 

The homes here are amazing 
This house pictured below had its own water fall under the glass walkway!  
The  natural scenery is spectacular. Speaking of waterfalls, they are everywhere. 

 Hope you enjoyed my first practice day. 

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