Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bassmaster #2 Travel Day

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Driving  10 hours from Florida to Birmingham Alabama gave me time to ponder many things. As I planned my trip I noticed the gas prices in Florida are $.30 higher than anywhere else. Do we have a $.30 gas tax?  

Fog on the road has slowed me down somewhat. 

Weather forecast for Alabama looks mild compared to the rest of the country. However, compared to Florida it's going to be cold. The last two days Jasper Alabama was showing air temperatures in the low 20s, and two more cold fronts are expected to hit over the next week, bringing rain and 20° temperatures. 

Nevertheless, I'll be fishing the second clearest water in the United States next to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Smith Lake Alabama is an extremely beautiful lake to fish. With depths over 200 feet and crystal-clear water, it is amazing Lake that I encourage all anglers to fish at least once. It's a tough nut to crack to catch bass, but extremely fun lake to fish.

To prepare for this tournament I spent a lot of time doing map study. Rock bluffs, 

chunk rock, 

and sand/gravel zones

are the primary habitats available. My job in this tournament will be learning how the bass are utilizing the habitats. I am very comfortable catching 4 pound bass on light 6# line in clearwater, but first I have to locate them.

If I want to walk across the stage and show off my sponsors, I need to catch fish this event. Again, be sure to follow me on Facebook for daily updates. 


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