Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Travel Tips for Tournaments

Wednesdays are short practice days so anglers can check in with Bassmaster registrations from 1-4pm. Since I couldn't catch a fish today to show you, I thought I would share a travel tip. 
Being on the road and experiencing different weather and fishing conditions really makes you a better angler. It can be intimidating, but in the long run it improves your overall ability to adapt. 
I encourage everyone wanting improve their fishing to go out of their comfort zone and fish outside of their home state in an event like the Bassmaster Opens.

When you travel to lakes away from home, you quickly realize how important details become. The tools and extra equipment you need to repair stuff are essential considerations when traveling. 

Create a "must-have" tool kit that will allow you to fix or replace most of the basic items.  For my small kit I carry spare trolling motor cables, fuses, navigational light bulbs, wooden wheel chalks, ThermaCell mosquito repellant, and a black marker to recolor my braided fishing line. 
For the heavy duty repairs I use a Rubbermaid ToughTote to store my hydraulic jack, wrenches, air pump and everything for road repairs. Lastly, I have a kit for spare trolling motor props, fluids, and extra prop hubs. 

Practice is not just about on-the-water fishing. Getting to know locations of local food stores, fishing tackle dealers, and the best roads will make life on the road much easier. 
I make it a habit to travel various road routes in practice so I develop options for travel on tournament days. 

The worst thing you want is to be delayed on tournament day because of road closure from construction or a wreck. Try to choose highways that have a good wide shoulder, both in case of a breakdown and to be able to get around traffic if there is an accident.

With a little planning and "what-if" thinking, your travel to other lakes can be fun and rewarding. Not mention the experience of fish of a lifetime! 

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